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IBPS PO:Trend Analysis and previous year papers

IBPS PO do not need any kind of introduction that how lucrative career it can provide to the aspirants. To enter into this remunerative carrier one need to clear IBPS PO written test. After clearing IBPS PO written test one become eligible to apply for PO position in one of 19 public sector banks. In this article I willl be providing you the detailed format of the examination and some do's and don'ts plus IBPS Probationary Officer (PO) Previous Year Question Papers. All the details for this are given below.

IBPS PO Exam format
The first step in preparation for any examination is to know about format of exam.You can plan your preparation if you know format of exam.IBPS PO format have changed over the years.So you should always look at current year format.I have shown current year IBPS PO exam format in below table.
Section 2013 (online test)
Reasoning 50
English Language 40
Quantitative Aptitude (Maths + DI) 50
General Awareness (+ Banking Awareness) 40
Computer Knowledge 20
Descriptive Paper of English removed
Total Marks 200
Time-limit (minutes) 120

    Sectional cutoff =  yes
    Negative markingMinus 0.25% per wrong answer.

 A brief summary of Important topics:

1.General  Awareness   1.Banking awareness theory
2.Economy current affairs
2.Computer 1.MS Office version from 2007 to 2013
2.Internet related topics
3.Reasoning 1.High level reasoning (Syllogism + assumption/inference)
2.Sitting arrangement
4.Quantitative aptitude  1.Calculation Intensive
2.Data interpretation (DI)
5.General Awareness (+ Banking Awareness) 1.Grammar rules + Sentence correction
2.Daily practice of comprehension + Sentence Correction +Arrangement.

Things one must keep into his mind while preparing for the exam:

Time Management:

As one has to attempt 200 questions in 120 min (approx 0.6 min per question ). So proper distribution of time is important for each section.Since Each question has equal weight-age in terms of marks ,one can maximize its results in lesser time by first attempting sections like Computer Knowledge and General Awareness which can be solved in less time with little preparation compared to other section.

Sectional Cut off

Second and most important point is sectional cut off.Often candidates do forget this during IBPS PO written exam. For example if one scored nearly 70% marks in all the sections but less than 10% in one or another section he is not qualified despite he is through with the overall cutoff .So clearing sectional cut off in all sections should be first and foremost thing one should keep in mind in IBPS PO written exam.
Normally 50% is considered as sectional cut off marks in any section(to be on safer side ).So your first aim should be to clear the sectional cut off.Moreover, IBPS has also introduced concept of TWSS (Total Weight age standard score). They create a minimal TWSS score based on performance of candidates that year.You should score above TWSS to get an interview call.So your first aim is to clear sectional cut off and second is to score as much marks as possible.

Question Selection

Third important point is each question carry equal marks. So utmost care should be taken while selecting the questions. One should avoid time consuming questions in first attempt.Easy questions should be attempted first and then complex ones. One must try his best not to show ego to the question

 Yeah question mujhe ata hai mai to solve karke rahunga.... like this shitty things

 If you are not able to solve that question my sincere suggestion is that move on ,in your life you will get enough chances to show off your ego thus save it for future ....

Negative Marking

IBPS PO written exam has negative marking.Negative marking means one fourth of marks in deducted for every wrong answer.For example out of 10 questions if you have 5 correct answers but 5 wrong answers then your total marks is (5 – 5* .25) = 3.75.This is really important.
So it is very important not to guess answers.If you have answered decent number of questions to clear sectional cut off then there is no need of all these.Instead of guessing and marking answers try one or two questions which you can solve and are in section you answered less.

Practice Practice and more Practice

There is no shortcut available for any exam one has to emphasize upon only on practice to beat such exams ,the more you practice more is the chance to conquer upon one's mistakes . So its my suggestion that before going to the examination hall its better if you join any test series(there are plenty of them available on the net), and make a workable strategy how to approach the exam. 

Previous year paper 2011..

Previous year paper 2012..


  stay tuned for more updates....

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